Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Sassy Galore!

All I can say is WOW!  Sassy is currently participating in 5 hunts.  I love Sassy when I'm looking for good ole sexiness.  Often the hunt prizes are exclusive versions of outfits for sale and they are first quality.   I'm not even showing the great stuff in the Midnight Mania and Lucky Chair or I would be hogging the whole page. I've paired them with several more gifties from Hair Fair (all slurls are for the correct booth but you will land at a landing point) and not free Project Donate.  Oh! Also!  Cupcakes is having a HUGE sale on all items that are not moving to their new store.  There are bunches of skin and clothes... no clothing item is over 25 L and lots of the skin is only 100 L.
Sassy - Back to School Hunt - Look for a red apple: Free
Hair: Filigreemotion: Samantha II: 0 or 1 L @ Hair Fair
Skin: Cupcakes: Seduction V2 - Cameo Summer: 100 L (shown in all photos)
Poses: Glitterati: all poses, many from the Long Hair 2 set: 250 L @ Project Donate w/ 100% proceeds benefiting Unicef - awesome poses that don't mess up long hair
Sassy: Mornin' Sunshine Hunt - look for a little gold thing: includes men's gift: Free
Hair: Exile: Bianca - Ash: 0 or 1 L @ Hair Fair
Necklace: Deco: Maraschino Necklace: not free

Sassy: Hunt for RP - Cherished Camisk: Free - it comes in sheer and full versions as well as just wearable chains (yes!) - this is a camisk, not a dress, so plan on parts showing
Hair: Truth: Aloha: comes with upper and lower portions as well as a set with shell attachment: 500 L @ Project Donate w/ 100% proceeds benefitting Unicef
Sassy: Twisted Hunt - Wanderer Latex - includes men's version: Free
Hair: Curious Kitties: Nanotech - one of bazillion options: 0 or 1 L @ Hair Fair
Sassy: Fr3ak You!! Hunt: Free
Hair: groovygirl designs: Americana II: 0 or 1 L @ Hair Fair