Friday, 10 September 2010

Rad Minds Inc Designer Showcase

Today I'm putting on a lil showcase for you on the Designers in the Rad Minds Inc. Group. I recently joined it as a designer myself, and the designers in it are awesome. I've created 4 looks for you out of the various giveaways in the various stores. The only full priced items in the whole post are the hairs, so enjoy all these steals!

Look 1
Fly into Fall


Skin-Nightshade-Part of Twisted Hunt Gift
Eyes-Nomine-#1 Gatcha Prize(L$20 per play/No Transfer)
Hair-The Stringer Mausoleum-Virgo(Only at Hairfair/Full Price Item)
Top-Nightshade-Part of Twisted Hunt Gift
Skirt&Jewelry-Demotik-Twisted Hunt Gifts
Wings-Favole-Twisted Hunt Gift

Look 2
Forest Frolick


Skin-Nightshade-Part of Twisted Hunt Gift
Eyes-Fallen Gods-Instore Gift
Hair-The Stringer Mausoleum-R.Red Hair(Full Price Item)
Dress-Twatty Cake-Twisted Hunt Gift
Collar-Favole-Gother Than Thou Hunt(Until the 13th)
Shoes-Demotik-Gother Than Thou Hunt Gift(Until the 13th)
Horns-Fallen Gods-Instore Gift
Tail-Favole-Instore Gift

Look 3
Spooky Wish


Skin-Nightshade-Part of Twisted Hunt Gift
Eyes-Fallen Gods-Instore Gift
Hair-The Stringer Mausoleum-R.Red(Full Price Item)
Mask-Actuate Eden-Group Gift
Mesh Shirt-Nomine-#10 Gatcha Prize(L$20 per play/No Transfer)
Skirt Outfit-Nomine-Lucky Chair
Tattoo-IrEn-Instore Gift
Necklace-Shameless Designs-Gother Than Thou Hunt Gift

Look 4
Greyscaled to Life


Skin-Frick-Instore Wearable Demo(Yes it is a real skin, just a greyscaled tone)
Eyes-Nomine-#1 Gatcha Prize(L$20 per play/No Transfer)
Hair-The Stringer Mausoleum-Assassin(Full Price Item)
Dress-Twatty Cake-Subscriber Group Gift
Horns, Tail and Hooves-Favole-Fishing Prize
Halo-Fallen Gods-Instore Gift
Wings-Material Squirrel-Lucky Board
Face Gems-The Stringer Mausoleum-Rad Minds Inc. Group Gift

A Little about Rad Minds Inc.

Quoted straight from the group notecard:

RMI is a group that is dedicated to supporting and promoting quality alternative designers here in Second Life. The group is not limited to one style, but rather embraces all styles that are off the beaten path. From the slightly odd to the most extreme, Rad has it all.

My goals for Rad are to succeed where other groups have, in my opinion, failed. There are plenty of fashion groups out there, but it seems they get over run with designers of low quality and/or members who are looking for handouts. Also, many of the these groups are either too focused on certain styles, or not focused enough, so I am trying to find a middle ground. Because of these issues, many good designers, old and new, get overlooked. This is something I want to change and is why I started this group.

My hope for Rad is to support quality designers of many types and to offer group members exclusive gifts, hunts, sales, etc.. There is no fee for getting into the group, but designers may set gifts out for group members only and charge 10-20L instead of for free. This helps the designers, as well as the group, by keeping out the people who pop in and out of groups just to get free stuff.

I mentioned exclusive gifts, hunts, sales and more. In this group you will receive gifts from the designers at their discretion. Any hunts and/or events that are organized will not be free, but rather cost a small fee per item (10L-50L). This is to further support the designers and keep from breaking your linden wallets while giving you access to quality items.

If you are looking for quality alternative items and like to support their designers, then Rad would be a great group for you.

If you are a designer of alternative items, this may be a group for you as well. To join as a designer, please contact myself, Ylva Korhonen, and if your work is quality, I will invite you to group.

If you have any questions please feel free to send me a notecard. You can IM me if I am online, but my IMs often cap so notecards are usually the best way to reach me.

Thank you again for your interest in Rad Minds Inc.

Ylva Korhonen
Rad Minds Inc. Owner

***Join now and get an awesome coffin set with poses, one with closed lid, one with open lid***