Friday, 6 August 2010

Ode to Rarurick

One of my all time favorite designers is closing her store.  I've admired Rarurick Ragu of WhoNose ever since she had a tiny shop in Baby Monkey's mall and I have blogged her work several times.  I think she is a master of prims and her work is utterly unique.  WhoNose closes on August 8 and all items are at least 50% off, though there are some that cost much less as well as some great freebies.  I wish Rarurick all the best and wait breathlessly for her to return in the near future. Enough gushing and weeping.  Here come the pictures!
Dress: WhoNose: Auni in Sunset: Free - This dress also has a short skirt but I think the long skirt is so theatrical.  It also includes matching pumps.
Skin: Tuli: Gina 05: exclusively at The Dressing Room: 65 L
Hair: booN: ZGO223: not free
The Lucky Board refuses to give me this dress but my oldest and dearest girlfriend in SL, Delphine Renard, managed to get it.  I love the textures on this dress. The outfit includes earrings.
Dress: WhoNose: Vivi in Night: Lucky Board Prize
Skin: also Tuli from the Dressing Room
Hair: AY.LinE: Lavender: free (on the ground by the counter)
This color of the Einikini is only 25 L.  It's over by the Midnight Mania and Lucky Board.  Aren't SL feet just wretched?
Outfit: WhoNose: Einikin in Breeze: 25 L
I adore this dress.  It is from the regular line of clothes but it is too sexy for words.  It includes shoes and jewelry.
Outfit: WhoNose: Kiia in Sky: Only 50 for dress, shoes and jewelry.