Friday, 13 August 2010

MAD Magazines About Tatts, Shoes & Skirts

Happy Friday!

*Laughs at title & shakes head*

I'd like to introduce you to Neezy, he'll be popping up every so often to show you some male and unisex goodies.
Neezy gets inked
Found some pretty nice free tatts for you from Back&Writer ! I'm sure they can work as unisex but I believe they were made to suit a male shape. They're mod which means they're colorable woot! The sleeve length needed a slight shorten, but other than that they're the smex! Those piercing blue eyes Neezy's rocking are a group gift from kMADd Enterprise, join & check the notices.

Wot? Shuze!
Can you believe these shoes are freeeeeee????? They're a group gift from [JP]:dsg. They come with a resize script and 3 color change options shown here, they can totally be unisex! I got some for Tazzy too :D Take the link and follow the beacon, join the group and click the board. Nahm Nahm.

This adorable high waste short and top set is The Unkown Hunt gift from Willow. The hunt has ended but the gift is still there!! I checked past posts to see if this was blogged here, but I didn't see if it was already blogged my apologies. BUT it's a great reminder to pick it up if you haven't yet \o/ The sweet skin here is a lucky board gift from .::Mother Goose's::.

Avenuie Mag Gifty
Oooh yea! New freebie from LeLutka! The skirt is a current group gift from LeLutka for the AVENUE Magazine Readers group! Join the group and take the tp to LeLutka's Avenue location and click the skirt. Enjoy!

Have a great weekend! xoxo


Look 1 & 2
Tattoos - Back&Writer
Eyes - kMADd Enterprise - Group gift in notices
Shoes - [JP]:dsg. - Group gift, follow the beacon, join & click board
Not Free
Hair - MAD Designs - Old group gift, it's available for sale.
Skin - Belleza - Old group gift, also available for sale.
Shorts - Gear Shift
Socks - Sinistyle
Look 3
Outfit - Willow - The Unknown Hunt
Skin - .::Mother Goose's::. - Lucky Board
Not Free
Hair - Cake
Shoes - Kookie - Shoe Fair
Look 4
Skirt - LeLutka - Gift for AVENUE Magazine Readers group, join, tp & click the skirt.
Not Free
Hair - Epoque - Store is temporarily closed for renovations.
Skin - ::DUTCH TOUCH:: - On sale for half price!!
Shirt - Armidi