Thursday, 12 August 2010

I Adore This!

My wife Airedine (long story) has some amazingly sexy free dresses out right now! The red version is a group gift and really is the perfect shade of crimson.
The blue version is going to be 20L in the Rad Minds Inc. cheapie hunt starting Friday (tomorrow!) Is this blue awesome or what? I loooove scoop backs, they also show off back tattoos super well!
The skin I am wearing is from &Bean and is not free or cheap (though awesome!) but the cat eye liner is one of the 15L gacha prizes you can win at my store Mango, Mango!
Dresses: Adore & Abhor, group gift (50L join fee but worth it) and 20L hunt item
Cat Liner: Mango, Mango!, 15L gacha prize
Hair w/Hat: Lamb
Skin: &Bean
Belt: CoCo, past group gift in store and still available
Stockings: Sheer
Cigarette and Smoking AO Used In 1st Photo: Free*Style HQ, pay what you want
Second Pose: !Bang

If you can't find the Adore & Abhor group join in search or in store please use THIS link by pasting it in local chat and clicking on it in chat history. I discovered how to find group join links finally. Yay me!