Saturday, 7 August 2010

GuRu says C'est La Vie

Happy Weekend!

Guru Doll

I love Lolita style, it's one of my faves. I think mostly because it's not an option for me in rl lol. I also like it cuz it can be all creepy like this group lucky board dress from GuRu GuRu.

C'est la vie In Her Shoes

Huzzah for cute dollarbies and freebies! This sweet dress is a dollarbie from :: C'est la vie! :: Aaaand the oh so generous folk at In Her Shoes have put out yet another new shoe set! These moccasins come in 3 colors and they're freeeeee!

Buggy Corn Popper

I wanted to show all you toy/knick knack lovers out there these awesomely funny and cute wearable toys from [Blackberry Jam] . They're not free, but very well priced considering the quality. See me wearing these, at a lucky chair or posh sim near you xD.


Look 1

Bloody Alice Dress - GuRu GuRu - Group Only Lucky Board Prize

Not Free

Skin - Rotten Toe - Group gift. I just discovered today that the store is moving and temporarily closed inworld. But you can find her products on xstreet here.

Hair - No longer available. Again my apologies.

Look 2 & 3

Dress - :: C'est la vie! :: - Dollarbie

Shoes - In Her Shoes - New Freebie!

Not Free

Hair - Clawtooth

Skin - (fd)

Toys - [Blackberry Jam] - 75L each