Monday, 9 August 2010

Good Night, Sweet Jill

In a sad move, Jill will be closing shop this Wednesday, August 11. In something of a rare accomplishment for SL, creator Jill Lemon always got the whole pretty, not slutty thing just right: resulting in super-feminine styles that erred on the side of classic, oozing sexy in her own soft way. *mwuahs Jill Lemon*
The Jill store is easily one of the most generous on the grid. The store's lower mezzanine boasts a long wall of 14 free group gifts (from dresses to gloves + even a cute black straw bag); plus 2 lucky boards + this pretty white sundress for free (buy the sign out in the fields for $0L outside the store here). The entire store is 50% off until closing as well.
In a gracious move telling of creator Jill Lemon's generosity, there are now 3 new free closing gifts in the middle of the store (look for them below the white sign that says "Thank you"). These cute overalls and pants, shirt + hair ribbon are from these new gifts.
Gavin is wearing a former Jill group gift sweater, which is still available as a gift on the far right of the group gift wall. See how G likes to exert his sweater dominance over me sometimes.

Yet another great designer to close shop in SL. *sad sniff* Thank you Jill Lemon for gracing us with all your lovely gifts over the years. Love + fashionista kisses to all!

Teshan2222 Wycliffe
(who will really miss this sweet store)


White dress: Jill - *+*JILL*+*FGD (buy white dress on sign in field here for $0L) - free
Necklace: Acid & Mala - Messed Memory Wire Set - Necklace - Platinum Hunt gift - $10L
Sigma Jewels - Sani bangles (charcoal) L - Platinum Hunt gift - $10L
Hair: Truth - Peyton Streaked - latte
Skin: Mynerva ~Caramel~Misti Noir+Classic Red~Blonde Brows Cleavage
Eyes: Poetic Colors - Autumn Beach

Gray sweater: Jill - *+*JILL*+*TYG-A-gray knit shirt 3
- group gift - free
Overalls + pants+ hair ribbon: Jill - from *+*JILL*+*TYG-B - group gift - free
Hair: Truth - Penny - fudge
Mynerva ~Caramel~Misti Noir+Classic Red~Blonde Brows Cleavage
Poetic Colors - bright - Massive Lead
Caroline's Jewelry - Cherry Cupcake Ring

Gavin McGinnis: Jill - *+*JILL*+*Group Gift-JBA-M Sweater - free

Couples pose by: Essential Soul - "Never Alone" - PPH2 # 1 - ProPosers 2010 Hunt gift -
previously free
All other p
oses by: With Love & Squalor