Tuesday, 10 August 2010

gold cupcake, furniture and clothing and everything!

Hello, I missed you! :) And a huge welcome to darling Topaz Tomsen, I really enjoyed her new posts! I've been taking some time off just to work on my house haha. And go shopping by accident. I kinda spent a lot of money and I ought to be shot in the SLhead. I found some wonderful new stores and some really great furniture gifts, I hope you like them as much as I did.

First up, it's our country's national day, so Tomoyo Breitman of MayoNaise has been great enough to make a special color of her woven bag and put it in her subscribo! It's super detailed and comes with a pose built in. I personally prefer the gacha colors of her bag, I'm carrying the beige color in another picture. It's only 30L per play for the bag gacha, so play at the Albero gacha fair here! surl to MayoNaise booth.

Shade Throne also has two 10L necklaces out, one of them was blogged by Suri previously, so I went to grab it! It's a cupcake in gold, probably the most incredibly detailed necklace I've ever seen that has existed for 10L. Shade Throne has always been one of my top favorite stores and I'm really glad to see that she's even giving some cheapies to show that her work is outstanding and worth the price. I hope you'll consider getting some of the retail priced items too, you won't regret it for the superbly baked detail and textures. She's a perfectionist! :) Oh there's also a pair of 40L sunglasses for the gimme-40 promotion, just another reason to check out the store! AND like a ton of excellent freebies if you join the group and click on the small paper bags.

cat.o.holic group is a group that combines the stores soup, mdrm, izm. So if you join the group for 100L, you can get the monthly group gifts of all the three stores, as well as access the group-only lucky boards. Something particularly awesome this month is their anniversary gift - MDRM has the seriously most crazy detailed, baked, SUPER LOW PRIM, wonderful beach/patio table out. With chairs. And a beach umbrella. This is the kind of thing that retails at 300L at the very least, if not 600L and more. And most other stores don't even have a low-prim version. It's pretty cool because you click on the table, and it gives you the option to rezz whatever number of chairs you like, or turn the umbrella on or off. MDRM is a great, affordable store with low-prim, gorgeous furniture, check it out!

ALSOOO BARCODE is having a sale on some items, and it's another excellent store I've discovered while house/furniture hunting. There's a 10L hunt gift as well!

Willow is also having a 50% off sale on all items, I got whatever I didn't have yet.

And don't forget to go to the Pookie Vintage Flea and Albero Gacha Fair round 2 before they end!

Okay on to the stuff hahah.

national day bag: MayoNaise mainstore, subscribo gift. check out the gacha bags at gachafair here, 30L only!
hair: Bliss Couture, 10L. platinum hunt gift. hint: a hair's breadth away, check the hair section.
hair flower: mocha, 10L gacha at itutu bazaar, direct surl to gacha
necklace: big soul birdcage necklace, 10L from SHADE THRONE.
bow top: 1L top in the corner, free from willow mainstore
gloves: cheerno gloves
socks: honey kitty gacha
skirt: honey kitty group gift
shoes: stiletto moody, bled some money out to buy these
skin: sunny soon devon aoki gift, worn together with eyeshadow from MUSA on 2.0 tattoo layer

hair: lamb
head thingy: er, was from plastik, was an old hunt gift
skin: sunny soon devon aoki gift, worn together with eyeshadow from MUSA on 2.0 tattoo layer
gloves: anuanue gacha gloves, 20L per play
katatonik boombox: yay. i finally got pink! was from gachafair round 1, not sure if you can get it now. check out the mainstore though. also selling another color of it at my yard sale.
top and shorts: honey kitty
socks: honey kitty gacha, 20L

This picture is really just to show the paid items that I got from Honey Kitty, a store I just found and am completely in love with! The items are around 100L and there's a group gift skirt and bag :)

skin: sunny soon devon aoki gift, worn together with eyeshadow from MUSA on 2.0 tattoo layer
also showing the shade throne 10L necklaces!

bag: 30L at MayoNaise gacha here!
citrus sequined bikini: 35L from Exodi bikini gacha. You can buy individual colors (black, citrus, lime,turquoise, hot pink, rose etc.. I have 10) at my yard sale, or you can try your luck at the Exodi gacha! :)
tattoos: actchio, lotus tattoo is 30L

shoes: gfield knotted wedges in gold, I wanna spank Suri Christen!!! SURI!!!!!!!!
candles on glass table, 10L from TLND gacha at gachafair round 2.
glass table: 10L from itutu bazaar, direct surl to booth
platinum hunt 10L gift from barcode - gorgeous baked grill with burgers! perfect for summer.
book seat: you can sit on it and it has 6 poses, including a reading pose. It's 10L from the platinum hunt at what next! hint: surf's up. check the beach section.
rug: gacha rug from North West by Lili Brink, gacha here at albero!

House: moyoheaven garden house at Pookie Vintage Flea, 30L only!
Picnic table, group gift from MDRM. I think you have to pay 100L for the group.
summer gift: fan on table from MDRM.
chalkboard: lucky board prize from MMG
faucet with water: free from Stray Pig

I've also restocked my actchio yard sale with my gacha extras - I have a few bags of 1L and free items available as well. Most items are below 50L. Check it out if you like! :)