Friday, 2 July 2010

Strawberry Festival!

The Magic of Oz hunts are always my fave. Usually they take FOREVER because you have to wait around for random objects to show up and it can literally take hours, even days, to find all of them. This time around, however, things are much easier! strawbaby_005
Basically you go to the Magic of Oz landing point and grab a folder that contains a basket. Wear the basket and go around finding the strawberries that randomly appear. When you get six berries a menu will pop up asking you to choose which store you would like the prize for. Select that store and you will receive a fork to wear. Wear and click this fork at the cake inside the store you chose and you will get he prize! Repeat this as many times as you want. There are tons of prizes I haven't even shown, even housewares and such!strawbaby_009
I also wanted to show a close-up of the Ay.Line group gift hair and the Nomine gacha skin!! Looooove! The Ay.Line hair is a fat pack of colors so one for everyone. The Nomine gacha has been filled with brand spanking new stuff and A LOT of the items are skins! SO HAPPY. There are also skins in the lucky chairs and the fortune teller. Win!
Outfit and Pink Shoes: Katat0nik, for hunt
Socks and Wrist Bands: Silent Sparrow for hunt
Hair: Ay.Line, group gift
Skin: Nomine, 20L gacha prize
Necklace: Frippery for hunt
Hair Clip: Blackberry Jam for hunt
Boots: Lazy Places for hunt
Eyes: HSH, lucky board prize
*Individual links not included for hunt stores. The Magic of Oz landing point is HERE. The hunt vendors are on two sims, Magic of Oz and Ozimals, but you only need to be on one sim or the other to find all of the berries.