Friday, 16 July 2010

Party...Freebies..Go Now!

OK so my store has recently opened on the brand spanking new Bad Blood sim and there is a party! Come in your lingerie and masquerade themed items! Expect lots of zany, spooky things along with freebies! Cheapies! Limited edition items! The party starts now and will go until...uh...I don't know.Anyway, most of this stuff will be available for at least a few days. So if you don't get there RIGHT NOW don't worry. You probably won't be able to get there right now anyway because of lag and sim limits, lol.I am leaving my 1L item out for at least the weekend, maybe longer, and I know for sure that Violent eduction will leave theirs up for a week. I am sure many of the other stores can be persuaded to do so as well but since I am throwing this post together last minute I can't make any guarantees.Don't forget to check out all the not free items too! There are TONS of items for 50L or less. In fact, almost everything there is 0L-50L. The items that are over 50L (there are only a couple) are exclusives and/or deeply discounted.Vendors include Mango, Mango!, Rotten Inc., Violent Seduction, Tacky Star, Not Too Shabby, Show Me On the Doll, Savoir Faire, Decemeber, Apex, and more!Come down to the Bad Blood Ballroom and have a good time in your undies!

All items shown are from 0L-250L with the majority being 0L-50L. Some are limited time! Come HERE now!
(More detailed item descriptions coming when I am not dying of lag)
Items worn in the first picture which are NOT included in the sale:
Hair, Eyes, Tattoo, Feather Boa, Gloves, Boots