Thursday, 22 July 2010

Mad Echo!

I was sent an LM from someone saying you have to go check this out, cute 1L shirt! So I of course sat around and did nothing for a long time before getting bored and deciding to go xD I'm glad I did! The little rainbow shirt is adorable and makes my boobs look fun :D The skin is from my store Mango, Mango! and is 10L through the weekend.
Also at Mad Echo they have a lucky chair where I won this *adorable* undies set. It felt a bit sporty and boyish so I went to WWI and got some of their sporty thigh highs which are currently 50% off. There is a different style of sock there as well for free!

Picture 1-
Shirt: Mad Echo, 1L
Pants: Mad Echo, not free but I *had* to have them!!
Skin: Mango, Mango!, 10L through this weekend
Hair: Exile
Headband: Juicy
Picture 2-
Undies: Mad Echo, lucky chair
Skin: Mango, Mango!, 69L through this weekend
Socks: WWI, not free but 50% off and a different free pair in the store (not shown)

Both Poses are from Long Awkward Pose