Monday, 12 July 2010


**last chance to check out the twinkle night bazaar for some great deals, hurry over before it's taken down!

cockles subscribo gift dress, yayyy prettiness! also showing some not-so-free items from cockles and the EXTREMELY wonderful cockles straw hat gacha!

skin worn: leona skin in makeup 1 by glam affair (surl to skin)

all poses from doll. by suri christen!

leggings: 30L, cockles shooting star leggings, twinkle night bazaar (notice the shooting star design!) (booth surl)
floral dress: lovely poofy sculpt on this dress! gift for joining cockles subscribo, so join!
cockles straw hat: 40L from the cockles gacha, collect all the designs! there's lace, tartan etc for the bands around the hat. I really like this hat because I find it easy to fit around most hairs. The shape is really forgiving so your hair hopefully won't poke out! Don't forget, you have to right click and pay the gacha machine underneath the hats :)

hair: 69 outlet hair, fatpack of colors for 200L.
shoes: u.f.o. gacha shoes at mainstore, 20L per play. u.f.o mainstore surl
tote: not free but superpretty from tee*fy

cockles slouchy tank top, not free but loves!
cockles straw hat gacha, 40L per play
hot pants: free from amemi m hana
little tote bag from tee*fy gacha at albero: 40L per play, ALL the designs are really good so don't be afraid to play. I stretched the bag to make it a little bigger too! tee*fy gacha surl
u.f.o. gacha rainboots: 50L per play - chickens print :D u.f.o gacha surl

cockles star hoodie, 50L at twinkle night bazaar (booth surl) and comes with tons of options! unisex.
leggings: 30L at twinkle star bazaar (booth surl)
u.f.o. gacha boots: strawberry print :D 50L per play u.f.o gacha surl
tote: not free but superpretty from tee*fy