Sunday, 4 July 2010

Black and White and Red All Over

Today has been an amazing day for gifts and cheapies! Like seriously my head is spinning with the amount of love coming into my inbox from creators! (I seriously almost wrote "The love coming into my box then realized how bad that sounded :x) This free skirt and shirt set from Willow for the Alphabet Soup Bazaar is so cute I could hardly believe it was free!
Willow Freebie
I have to show a close-up of the group gift Atomic skin because it is one of the most lovely skins I have seen in a long time and the fact that it is free just makes me giddy. There is a fee to join the group but there are monthly gifts and each one has a worth that far surpasses the initial fee.
Atomic Gift Skin
I also wanted to do a close up of some of the awesome free leggings at the Alphabet Soup Bazaar. I have been loving leg wear again recently so now you get to see some scary detached legs wearing several pairs of cute, free leggings. There are also a lot of other great freebies at this bazaar so check it out!
leggings page

Dress: Willow, free at Alphabet Soup Bazaar
Black and White Striped Leggings: Willow at the Alphabet Soup Bazaar, not free
Skin: Atomic, group gift (join fee; comes in three tones)
Purple and Black Leggings: Willow, free or 1L at Alphabet Soup Bazaar
Purple and Blue Fishnet Leggings and Soup Leggings, *Evie*, free at Alphabet Soup Bazaar
Hair: Ay.Line, not free
Poses: Glitterati, not free
Boots: CoCo, old group gift, still available in store