Friday, 11 June 2010

Long Post About Towa and Nuuna's

I have been having issues with trying to get photos to look ok but I reallllly wanted to show you these great freebies from Towa and Nuuna's so all the photos have the same pose and such, lol. The items are so great though so they don't need fancy backgrounds! First up, new lucky board dress from Towa! Group only and available at their second location.Second, the new group gift from the second location. Also includes a cute lamp.You can also find this slide puzzle prize at the second location and it comes with all accessories and an additional set.Then back at the main store you can do another slide puzzle for this green wedding gown!!Or do an item camp for this glowing blue dress (also has a top piece which is not worn.)
The pink version of the new release skins from Nuuna's is free! Yes, 0L. It includes all three tones with pink and red lip options. Take the TP inside Vanity Hair to the skin floor to find it.Worn:
All Clothes: Towa, main store HERE and second store HERE
Skins: Nuuna's, pink one is free others are in a fatpack of 299L per tone
Brown Hair: Lamb, not free
Pink/Blonde Hair: Exile, past gift no longer free
Pose: Long Awkward Pose, not free