Thursday, 10 June 2010


Mango, Mango's 69L skins are still out. I think that these are Sileny's best ever skins, in my opinion. One has my favorite type of eyeliner and the other has the heart-on-the-lips thing which I looove and I don't know why or how but I think I look ridiculously pretty in it! Also of note - the veryyyyy nice cleavage which is part of her body.

Another of my favorite stores ever, Yuna's hair(creator name: Yuna Oompa), has four lucky boards. I waited all day with Valencia and Toma and I won 2, so I bought the stubborn one in two colors! That's my favorite, the one which comes with the hat in the first picture. The hair is only 80L per color pack anyway, a real steal. I was especially excited about the third hair, black with purple streaks!! Exclusive to the lucky board, but quite easy to win! The only thing is that the long styles cut into my body when I pose, so all you need is Glitterati's long hair poses! I'm also standing in Glitterati's "Into The Black" tunnel because I can't rezz anywhere at the moment hahah. It comes with built-in poses as well.

The lingerie in #1 is from the lucky board at WTW, there are quite a lot of question marks. Lingerie in #3 is from the Cherry Girl lucky board, I looove it and it took like 3 days to win! Nails are from Love Soul, not free, and my gorgeous everyday bracelet is from Shade Throne's group gift freebies instore (50L to join group). I'm also wearing the prettiest star headbands from Ticky Tacky by Narita Rayna, which will only be available at the Bacchanal event when it starts!

Sometimes I hate the whole limited time offers thing because I feel pressured to show beautiful things that I really want to share, but life gets in the way. Or not being able to attach things/rezz at all. sigh.