Monday, 7 June 2010

fantasma sunglasses

Shade Throne's mainstore reopening group gifts, 50L to join group!

Shade Throne has SIX amazing freebies out. omgiloveshadethrone so so much. Okay. If you're as much of a fan as I am, the group is great because she gives new group-only freebie sunglasses whenever she feels like it, as well as pre-release sales at times. Or just random sales in general.

Anyway it's really just 50L to join the group, and I honestly would pay 50L for just the fatpack(gold, platinum and silver) of the Prisoner bracelet alone (the metal-links one on my left wrist). Shade Throne was the first place I ever bought things from when I bought linden and she still makes some of the best sunglasses and jewellery in SL. I just bought a few pieces there, check out her new releases!

The other two freebies that I didn't show are a safety-pin brooch with a huge heart charm and a atudded piercing on the back of the right upper arm!

Shade Throne Fantasma sunglasses, group freebie (50L to join group, then look around the store and click each of the 6 shade throne paper bags on the tables.)
on my left wrist, two bracelets that I'm wearing all the time now - The Prisoner bracelet and The Dungeon Coins bracelets. Both fatpacks. Shade Throne group freebies!!!! lovelove these sooo much.

ST suitcase from Shade Throne, not free but gorgeous! Comes with 6 handbag animations and a rezzable version with sitting pose.
bangles: The Treasure bracelet in turtle by Shade Throne
necklace: the big bronze necklace by Shade Throne

shoes: A-Bomb unisex new release, will be 150L until the next release when it goes back to 300L! I think these are a must-have for guys especially. They are also texture change to ELEVEN colors for that 150L. ELEVEN!!!! That includes tan, grey, brown, black - you could match any outfit with these.

POSE: long hairs poses by Glitterati, Katey Coppola was recently generous enough to send out a 250L gift card to her subscribo. It cannot be retrieved from history, so if you love Glitterati's work, you should join the subscribo! Or just check out the mainstore for some great free poses. Also, these poses are GOLD, everyone should have them, especially if you have long hairs.

skin: Imabee Umeko skin, preview for Zombie Popcorn carnival! Will be 200L on June 15th.
hair: lamb! poppyseed in powder, 150L for two hairs for stumblebum!
dress: Oyakin, free in store on the shelf. buy the brown paper package with lace on it, called oyakin **GIFT**.
tights: actchio oriental fishnets in pale pink

on Xing:
Shade Throne The Prankster sunglasses, group freebie!
tee: terri.tees, 35L (a ton of freebies instore)
plaid shorts, from A-Bomb, just 100L per pair.

Deck shoes, 150L from A-Bomb, new release! color-change 11 colors. extremely unisex and perfect for boys. Price will go back to 300L with the next release, so get them now!

bag: Vooner gacha bag, woo.
pose and tattoos: actchio

hair: free from Bryce Designs

#3 and #4
closeups of Fantasma sunglasses and The Prankster sunglasses, group freebies.
Also the Dungeon Coins bracelet (fatpack of 2 metals, comes with option to wear without the coins, but I like the coins) and the Prisoner bracelet (you get the fatpack of three colors!) On my left hand.

on Xing:
hair from Shag, from Project Themeory: Harajuku

Showing a closeup of the Big Bronze necklace and the Treasure bracelet(the big stack), both not free but extremely worth it!