Thursday, 20 May 2010

Sn@tch humpday sale!

69L humpday at Sn@tch! Ivey has put out every single item that has ever been featured at humpday. I just bought more items at this particular Sn@tch event than I've ever allowed myself to buy at these weekly event things haha. I'm really pleased because I wanted the spiked leather cuffs when Ivey plurked them, but I was a bit broke and desisted. But then Ivey wore them in one of her portraits and then I wanted them so bad LOL. now I have themmmm

I also just bought one of the Plush skins at Sn@tch, they are EXTREMELY beautifully made. I've wanted to try the Plush skins for a bit, but I tried them briefly and they didn't suit my shape so I was sad because I really wanted the babydoll makeup. I played a bit with my shape and I'm in love with the way it turned out, so I bought it! They are only 250L and come with a great pair of dolly lashes that would retail for 100L anyway.

There are a TON of items at the Sn@tch humpday event, skins, entire outfits, jewellery, massive HOUSES, and of course the shoes(I didn't even try resisting these). Check it out before Ivey takes them down, hurry! I'm so late but my time runs a day behind SLT!

tp to the Sn@tch Humpday sale!

Sn@tch Plush skin in Porcelain, in babydoll. 250L
Also wearing Sn@tch cleavage, 50L for all tones/tintable to go with other skins

Freak bracelets, Snatch
Leather spiked cuffs, 69L
Pavo peacock earrings, 100L
Entire outfit: 69L, Cheetah corset set (woo highwaisted panties)
Cheetah boots, 69L (OMGZLOVES)
Goosher boots in purple, 69L (I have these in cheetah print and in pink glitter! xD)
Must-have summer sandals, so pretty that one of my superstylish friends had to have a pair! These are texture-change, so it's like buying a fatpack of colors for 69L!

hair: Zeus lucky board, free!

Poses: MayoNaise! (100L for 5 poses!)