Friday, 21 May 2010

mirror red

Tik Tok's Thirsty Thursdays skin at 100L (still out!) and lucky board lingerie from WTW! Also furniture from the True Love Never Die lucky boards which I just won, or I'd have shown it yesterday!

Late, late, late, late. I honestly wasn't sure if I'd have time to show this pretty skin, Grace, but it's still out! I thought it's a good deal because it comes with a cleavage layer(or without if you prefer!), and has one of my favorite kinds of makeup - shimmery white eyeshadow and red lips. beautiful body! I'm showing the skin in the last picture without eyeliner.

Tik Tok has also revised the prices on Lola to 200L for single skins and 590L for fatpacks(10 makeups). This is because she's in a summer mood and she wants to share this with all girls :D

Also wearing Nushru's piled up Sophia hair at the Le Cirque event with the prettiest braid! I didn't credit this yesterday and I felt horrible, it's a pretty huge thing to forget. Not free, 175L for a color pack!

Furniture: Eggplant telephone, you can buy the telephone and a ton of pinup poses in it from Izzy Bereznyak at Trilogy. Go in the bookstore and buy the telephone for free! Er, I liked the telephone as much as the poses!

Mirror(brown frame), paper lamp, and one-prim stepladder, all from True Love Never Die lucky boards on the second floor. Hit up the subscribo for a joining gift and a May group gift(no. 4)!

sandals: Yabusaka fishing prize with color change gems!
lingerie: WTW, lucky board moves really fast and likes question marks.
nails: Love Soul lucky board!

I also just made eyeliner for myself, but with the flurry of Humpdays and Thursdays events I didn't have time to make a vendor ad. It's up now though. I REALLY REALLY LOVE this kind of eyeliner hahah. I gotta say it's the kind of eyeliner that most local girls draw on IRL and it's the kind I wear most of the time. because I have horrible small eyes in real life! I made it the exact way I wanted it on my shape, so it might look a little/very different on yours, my friends kindly allowed me to try it on them. Please demo if you want it!

eyeliner and tattoos from actchio.