Monday, 31 May 2010

I is Kyoot Pastel Kitteh Fromz Space

I can haz spaceburger?The shooting star hunt gift skin from Dimbula Rose makes me sooo happy! I just can't help but use some lolcat speak. It is like a space cat! The furry areas covering the nether bits are attached :DThe hunt is more complicated than normal hunts but once you get the hang of it it's easy as pie. Basically you find the glowing orb particles flying around and get close to them and type "/7 catch" and an item will randomly decide to come to you or not. Some stores have more than one prize. While I have not completely finished the hunt, every store I have been to so far has had adorable prizes from skins and hair to clothes and furniture.

Skin, Lashes, Eyes: Dimbula Rose, hunt gift
Ears and Tail: *Dreams* by Sanura Snowpaw, not free
Hair: House of Munster, no longer available
Pose: Glitterati, not free

Thank you Dawn Bohemian for letting us know about this skin or else I never would have known!