Sunday, 2 May 2010

High Style For Free On Xstreet

For a long time I've been meaning to blog about some of my favourite free and dollarbie items from Xstreet, Second Life's online shopping service. I finally got around to it. Here are some of my favourite finds. (note: the links in this post are to the Xstreet listings, not the shops).

Xstreet Freebie Aurum Feather Dress

This black feather dress is free from Aurum. After I purchased it I found out it was made by one of my closest friends, Medussa Reddevil. It's beautiful and she has another version of it in white, also free.

Xstreet Freebie Pixel Dolls

I know alot of you are big fans of Pixeldolls. This glittery limelight gift set comes with the tops and shorts in a number of different shades.

Xstreet Freebie MrS

This stunning blue satin dress is a gift from MrS.

Xstreet Freebie Edge Grafica Mourning Dress

The beautiful little hat is included with this goth inspired dress from Edge Grafica.

Xstreet Freebie Plausible Body

Plausible Body has a number of really well made free latex outfits for when you're ready to get your kink on.

Xstreet Freebie OM!

This romantic gown is free from OM!

Xstreet Freebie Edge Grafica 2

This top and skirt are both free from Edge Grafica. They have more really stylish freebies so make sure to check out all the items.

The hair in all of these photos is a freebie from Niza. I loved it so much I bought it in my regular color.

All of these photos were taken using this dollarbie photo sphere. It comes preloaded with 140 poses and is mod so you can change the backdrop or drop in your own poses. It's a great item for all of you photographers out there!

All of the boots in these photos are from EVA, not free but worth every penny.

A big thank you to all of the generous designers who are giving away these items for free!