Sunday, 9 May 2010

Fight 'Til The Death!

Diesel Works has some freaking fabulous fighting poses for free for a limited time! I thought I would get in the ring and throw a few punches.
Then I got hit pretty hard. Ouch!
I fought back my hardest! I threw a few "Yo mama" comments and a tongue sticking-out or two in as well for good measure.
And I was victorious!

I know it's a lot of pictures in the same outfit but it's about the poses ;D
Poses: Diesel Works, free (tons more than shown)
Hair: BooN, not free but only 56L and great for under hats
Skin: Adam n Eve, new release
Socks: Dilly Dolls, not free
Pasties: Cynful, not free
Lingerie: Lingerie Boutique, not free BUT there is a sale going. Gift cards are 50% off for as low as 50L for a 100L gift card right now and there are many items in that price range scattered throughout the store. There are also TONS of group only sales and regular sale items for 10L. You can find the group only 10L items downstairs and the regular sale 10L items upstairs. Make sure to join the subscribo because they frequently give away gift cards.


Desiree Debruyere said...

Great job, Sileny. :D So cute!

Sileny said...

Thank you! :D

jmb said...

Great post Sileny. You really had me chuckling. Fantastic job with the poses.

Casia Serpente said...

You are the cutest thing in town!
<3<3<3 this post!

Sileny said...


BaileySerenity said...

Awesome! Where are the boxing gloves and helmet from? :D