Friday, 23 April 2010


ALT FAIR is hereee! Alternative Fair's chosen charity is Nothing but Nets, a charity sponsoring bed nets for families in Africa to lower their chances of contracting malaria. Ninety percent of deaths caused by malaria happen in Africa, where the disease is a leading killer of children. Most stores have an item where all/50% proceeds will be donated to Nothing but Nets, so go shop and contribute at the same time!

skin: 150L charity item by Mango, Mango! at Alt Fair!
tattoo: 100L, Acid & Mala charity item at Alt Fair
Pink Shirt Day special edition, was free at The Stringer Mausoleum mainstore (oh noo argh I went to check and it's gone. aarggh. But Helena is having a wonderful sale for her birthday where ALL hair packs are 50L, so go demo! Not to mention a huge hunt.)
headphones: Alt Fair gift from Cake of Death here, comes with music notes poofer
tank top: Sn@tch mainstore
Peacock feather earrings: 100L, great detail, from Sn@tch at Alt Fair
gloves: CheerNo Briliant gloves
cubix pants: U-Neek gift at Alt Fair
leopard print boots: Sn@tch mainstore
hairbase: Tiny Bird, free, used with SL 2.0

skin: Alt Fair special item by Tik Tok, Lola skin in cyberpunk
shirt and tattoo: Alt Fair gift by Miu'
shoes!!!!! Grim Bros, Noah's Ark shoes at Alt Fair.
ring: La Gyo octopus ring
amazing hair: Crazy Arse Hair Hunt gift, from NvM store. hint: look around trashcans.
horns: The Stringer Mausoleum gift at Alt Fair
pants: U-Neek Alt Fair gift

skin: 1L skin at Mango, Mango for Alt Fair!!
hair: Crazy Arse Hair Hunt gift by NUSHRU!!! This is one of my favorite hairs for this hunt- I like it because it's the hair that I find it easiest to mix with high fashion. The crystal pieces actually reflect light. If you get just one hair from the hunt, consider dropping by Nushru! clue: Nicolette. basically like look around for a "Nicolette" and the hair is there haha.
collar: Alt Fair gift from Dreams by Sanura Snowpaw, check out the optional skulls poofer!
horns: The Stringer Mausoleum gift at Alt Fair
outfit: wonderful Sn@tch gift at Alt Fair booth
shoes: Unique Needs, not free

All poses: DARE by Chance Greatex!


Sileny said...

Oh wow this post rocks! You look like a futuristic punk rocker from the planet awesome :D

Suri Christen said...

I love the whole theme and those eyeshadow ROCKS! <3

Bunnie said...

Gorgeous, as always! :D