Tuesday, 6 April 2010


1st pose: snooky's poses, available at Pose Fair and mainstore!
all other poses: PDA is dead by Izzy Berezynak at Pose Fair.

outfit: includes blazer, well textured scarf and tights. group gift from Lurani by Gisele Mubble. Thanks, Gisele! :D
gorgeous red heels: Lurani by Gisele Mubble. only 100L! comes in black too. I snooped around Lurani and found a ton of good stuff.
gloves: Miamai subscribo, free
skin: vive9 massive freebie, still in group notices if you're in the group
not free:
roses socks: glow studio
hair: Tiny Bird & Reek collaboration, made specially for Reek's Denton sunglasses

dress: Nushru subscribo gift! YAY quiver quintessa! tap that subscribo and don't you dare unsub, she gives lots of gifts.
earrings and necklace: RIPE by Hempy Weezles. 50L for an entire set at the Spring Bazaar! yellow scooter: 50L, rideable, other designs!
gloves: miamai subscribo
purple panel leggings: 25L from Lurani!
nails: MStyle :) not free

group gift skin: GARAGE, new gift! Please note that I'm daringly wearing redgrave breasts with it. Also glow studio eyeliner. very pretty skin!
leopard-print denim vest: awesomee dollarbie at u.f.o. POOKIE PROMENADE!
turquoise earrings: RIPE at the Spring Bazaar. 50L for a set!
tattoo: 50L from my store lol. it'll be 50L until the next release!
harem pants: 75L from Lurani
lace tights: 15L from Lurani


Suri Christen said...

This look is hot. Bring on the breast enhancers!

silver milneaux said...

i love breasts xD