Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Man, Oh Man

My friend Ethan Kanahoe and I were chillin' in his new garage loft when he graciously let me play dress-up doll with his avi (awww thanks E!) And big *mwuahs* to Creamy for telling us about this awes free T-shirt gift at Scars!As everybody knows, crouching by cars is the quickest way to humor one's slavedriving blogger friends.
I'm wearing some gifties from the Minutes to Midnight (M2M) Easter egg hunt, like this fur-lined chenille jacket + cute cartoon tat. This hunt lasts until the 10th so you can still scoop away. *mwuahs Yumi Chiuh*
All the M2M hunt eggs are priced here from free to $10L. And the best part? Eggs are plentiful + like, all over the effin' place. As in, this hunt is fall on your face, trip on yourself easy. Luhs!
I'm also wearing one of the best grabs from the Just for the Girls Hunt, these free Kalnins ankle booties with a lovely plump round toe. Each part of these shoes are color-changeable (i.e., the foot, thick straps + platform heels). The cutoff ankle height makes these such a 'natch with socks (one of my personal SL obsessions); these $5L 2-tone socks by Pig are so cute.

Hello Hump Day. Love + fashionista kisses to all!

Teshan2222 Wycliffe
(who thinks every girl should hang out with stylish boys in garages)


on Tesh
Beige bolero jacket: Minutes to Midnight - M2M Chenille&Fur Jacket - Easter Hunt #24 - $1L
Brown camo long shorts: Minutes to Midnight - M2M Camouflaged Breeches/Brown - Easter Hunt #21 -
Cartoon angel chest tattoo: Minutes to Midnight - M2M Fallen Angel Tattoo - Easter Hunt #34 -
Forehead goggles: Minutes to Midnight - Wonka Goggle Red - Easter Hunt #28 -
Gloves: Indyra Originals @ ICON Lifestyle Fashion District Hunt gift - Kidskin gloves off-white (buy the small black rectangle with the word "ICON" on it) - $1L
Shoes: Kalnins - Fall v1.7 - Just for the Girls Hunt (buy pink hat stuck in wall of vendor) -
Socks: Pig - Duotone Socks Mit Suspenders - Andes Mint - Starlust Egg Hunt (buy the egg) - $5L
Hair: Shag - La La Love Me - blonde -
previously free

Ethan Kanahoe:
Shirt: Scars - Print T - group gift -
Jeans: Equilibrium Designs - Equilibrium (Calca) (MHO3) (Com Prime) - Make Him Over Hunt -
Skin: LaVie - Mark skin
Hair: UncleWeb - AJ Hair (Meteoric)
Eyes: MADesigns - Autumn Night


Evangeline Eames said...

I love that skin with heavier brows Tesh..where is it from?

Dorothy Button said...

Ooh Ethan I had no idea you were such a babe. Tesh looking foxy as usual. And yes you know me I love those socks. With the booties too it's totally brill as you would say! xoxoxo

angeltips28 said...

Absolutely beautiful & handsome blog! Great pictures. You two both look so great. Ethan, luv that style on you. Tesh, luv that skin on you, those brows are so WOW! Picked up the M2M gifties and am totally in luv with the angel tattoo. Thanks for all of your hard work. You're so artistic and talented. Keep them coming.

Jeffe said...

Thanks ladies. *blushes and fidgets* I can't take much credit, I am convinced Tesh is the one that made me look good.

Tesh said...

Awww thanks Evangeline! It's Tres Blah ;o) Stumblebum Brigade "Lavender Lippie" :O)

Thank you all for reading :O) Ethan doesn't need ANY help to look good!! *blows messy oily car garage kisses all around*