Thursday, 15 April 2010

lights in the sky

the hunger gifts & atmosphere works skybox!

pose stool: Theory by Prudence Skytower, three poses, well made, 75L. There's a lucky board for a posing pancake/dinobag, I'm gonna win my dinobag. SOON.
Broken mirror and winter drift coffee table: +blacklisted+ by Gauge Laville, 99L
outfit: dollarbie at The Hunger Design
star lightning pasties: Patchwork by Prudence Skytower, you can contact her as to whether she might still be selling them! I bought it awhile back.
hair: kik, 30L, mariko II with braid.
hair-ribbon: kik, fatpack of colors and plaid pattern for 40L!
seedling on table: Kinokoko, 1L, a TON of L$0, free gardening items and everything is so so so low prim and affordable! Please consider going if you like low-prim, antique furniture and gardening things. GO. It's like itutu but affordable. Heh.
boots: Miel, sooo goood.

hat hair: Kik. wonderful! not free lol but only 100L!
skins used: AnA* at Tic Tac Toe, 400L for fatpack of super pretty skins. loves!
Outfit: MM board at The Hunger Design
La Fille Danse art: +blacklisted+ by Gauge Laville, 99L

hair: Kik opening gift, previously blogged by Eden I think!
dress: Lucky chair at the Hunger Design
socks: Pig

Skybox in first three pictures: **Thanks Helga for correcting!! Is a welcome gift from the NotSoBad subscribo. It's stunning! I also went and found another equally nice skybox. This last one's from Atmosphere Works and it's pretty mad incredible!


Helga said...

Hi, the skybox from notsobad
is now in the subscriber as a welcome gift ;-)
Hugs Gelsi

Suri Christen said...