Sunday, 11 April 2010


RELLY really quick post today, I am late for work!
When GABBY MCCULLOUGH of slexandthecity told me about the new Belleza group gift skin I could not wait to try them on! The group gift has all tones in natrual makeup; I usually wear the pale tone, but the darker tones are just as appealing!

Belleza ELLE

Belleza ELLE

Belleza ELLE

Belleza ELLE

Belleza ELLE

Dress: Hyper Couture April subscribo gift

*runs to work*
Suri, xoxo


Gabby said...

Thanks for the mention! And that skin looks great on you!!! <3 And I love the dress! *grabs url*

Delusional Grantham said...

I'm addicted to the skin already!! I LOVE the lashes. Can you share where you got them?

Suri Christen said...

it's Chaisuki lashes

Daria said...

Not sure if it can be considered free if its 250L to join the group.