Saturday, 17 April 2010

days that feel like the night.

outfit: Hucci, exclusive item at Le Cirque, not free but soooo goood. The colors are really unique, too.

Tik Tok has this beautiful group gift skin out, Lola in Tan - I promise to take more details next time! I'll be using Tik Tok skins in more posts anyway, heh. This skin has a great body (ohh nice cleavage) and beautiful natural makeup - definitely worth getting. I'm so sorry I got carried away with my newly-acquired photo skills haha.

I did a bit of the Crazy Ass Hair Hunt and this is one of my favorite hairs - Sky Everett has put out this crazy detailed hair which I had to have after Sileny plurked it! I spent like AN HOUR searching for the thing, I'm so stupid with hunts haha. But even the hunt-hint-maker (Maleficent) couldn't find it!

Anyway yeah the hint that someone gave is "The archers are guarding it." But there are about a zillion archers everywhere (and I couldn't even find the archers at first) so that's not wonderful for dumb people like me. So here is my hint: It's really near the entrance(LOOK UP) and the archers are guarding it. Kind of. LOOK UP!!!! Originally, I went in the store and looked for a hair with arrows and for furniture with arrow textures lol at my imagination. Anyway I love this hair! Sky Everett's hairs retail at 600L, so this is a great way to sample her incredible work.

The Le Cirque event ends on Sunday, so if you haven't checked it out, go do some shopping or just admire the amazing sim! Hucci has this exclusive outfit at the event, inspired by the colors and billowing of circus tents - I think it's gorgeous and Alan likes it heh.

Also check out Evangeline's beautiful post on the Le Cirque gift gowns here!

Poses: Ana pose set, new release by Suri at [doll.] I bought it at the 55L Thursday promotion heh. There's a very pretty dollarbie out right now, so you can get that! thanks Suri!!
Necklace: Ganked, not free now but many other free items there!
Bracelets: Zaara, Nizam set
Photography tutorial by Strawberry Singh here. So easy!


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