Sunday, 4 April 2010

Bunny Girl

How do you like my cute bunny ears?
It's part of a free gift from Bare Rose! It's not too laggy now, so go and get it before opening your easter egg!

B@R Simple Bunny

Outfit: ::: B@R ::: Simple White Bunnie

Heels: Maitreya Shanti in snow leopard, not free
Hair: Brit by Truth, not free

Happy Easter everybody!

Suri, xoxo


Daria said...

Where did you find it? I went to the link and the main B@R site and I couldn't find it.

Suri Christen said...

Its at the reception, as you TP to the main landing point, just have a look in the center, it's in the middle between the pillar of new releases.

Grape said...

That's gorgeous, but I can't find it :(

Bunnie said...

I went and grabbed it up, thanks for the great find! Love B@R <3

Suri Christen said...

Last tip: look near to the lucky boards!

Daria said...

Looked for it for a few days and gave up. It doesn't look like their Black Cat location even has luckyboards either. Unless I'm missing something.