Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Say Hello to Mr. Happy

Check out this li'l troublemaker that my personal huntmaster Gavin McGinnis found while we were doing the Om Nom Nom Hunt yesterday. We called him Chef Panda.
Now here's the back story on Chef Panda: this little guy was like, the smile police (see his li'l frying pan? That thing was dangerous). -- Notice how Gavin is deliberately not smiling here. G can be a bit of a troublemaker himself so I'm not exactly surprised, but Chef Panda was not pleased. Takes one to know one, I say.

You can grab Chef Panda here:
Lantern Evolution - Panda-Inu Chef - OmNomNom Hunt #21 (you are looking for a burger; HINT: a fresh pair of eyes helps you see clearly, especially downstairs!) - free

The OmNomNom Hunt is such fun for both SL foodies and SL sillies; I'll try to work in more of the awes stuffs just waiting to be scooped. Love + fashionista kisses to all!

Teshan2222 Wycliffe
(who could happily om nom SL foodstuffs all day)


angeltips28 said...

OOh what a stud muffin, and I'm not just talking about chef panda here, great hunt find and gavin looks super studly. Another awesome post...I'm hooked on ur blogs.

zainab said...
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zainab said...

lol luv mr chef panda hes ohhh soo adorable , yayys to gavin for finding him!!

Sileny said...

Grumpy face! xD

Tesh said...

All your comments leave a smile on Chef Panda's face! He shall fry extra tiny eggs in his tiny pan for you all!! xoxoxo

Gavin said...

Chef Panda really was a troublemaker. He smacked me a few time with that frying pan to get me to smile. I'm not going to smile for him until he makes me some of his world famous tiny egg omelet. MMMMM