Wednesday, 17 March 2010

OHHHH BAYBEH much do you love this skin?  I flippin' love it!!


You will find this with the Walkiria skins at SOTD - this one is only 1L, but you have to look for it, it's not hard to find!!  There's other 1L and bargain goodies in the store too.

sotd- Walkiria Chocolat Sea Bed 1L
Hair SyDS! Luckyboard 


Tesh said...

Dude. U hawt. *sizzle sizzle* Ouch! Burned mah finger damnit!

Cmoney said...

1L freckles? Good freckles! According to a recent study 9 out of 10 males prefer to kiss a female with freckles.

Ok, I am totally making that shit up but it could really be true.

lucia said...

mmmm so nice .. XD
i didnt know, that mens prefers with freckles..

XD im luzia Ling, the designer of this skin , i hope you like and enjoy with it!