Thursday, 4 March 2010

NINIKO rulez!

Hi all!!! Did you miss me? I miss you all a lot! But I'm here again and this time with one of the more cutest freebie I ever found! This is the new NINIKO group gift! and girlz, omg, is really cool and great and MUST HAVE! You can use it in a casual way or in a quite sexy way, I love so much the behind part of it, and the sculpt are so good! So have fun and join CP-Switch News group in world! and go to the store for grab it!
taxi to NINIKO here!


遥远の河川 said...

"Niniko" group does not exist.
Also the SLurl you provided goes to "Taurog Designs".

Nereisse Aluveaux said...

This is the exact spot:

Also the group isn't called Niniko, but CP-Switch News.

Very nice find, thanks Mijn :)

Anonymous said...

This is pretty tough to find so Good Luck... even after joining CP-Switch finding the correct LM the dress isnt in the store at Switch 175,70,42

Mijn Seoung said...

sorry if I wrong the name of the group!!! those days are so laggy for me dunno why! Btw the slurl work for me! how strange! :S

I found the dress at SWITCH!!!! I'm sure about this! look inside the store and you'll find it! XD

Stephanie said...

The Slurl puts you in the correct store (The one on top of the hill) The dress is on the bulletin board near the front desk at the store's entrance

Mijn Seoung said...

ty for explain better! ^^