Friday, 19 March 2010

London: The F*S Guide to the RFL Clothing Fair

Phew! My last post for the clothing fair.  And gulp, I didn't buy anything in London (but the day isn't over yet) so you get to see only gifts.  Again, I shopped on a preview day so check out the sim and see what other great finds might be had.
SNOC was uber generous and there are 3 gifts to be found; the amazing  Black Widow gown above, the Flora lingerie set, and a fat pack of nice braided tops, Jessy.  Thank you so much!  We frugalistas appreciate it.
Also a quick mention of the tattoo, which says "I believe in hope", from Chaotic Symphony.  Very fitting for the RFL cause and only 1 L.  There is also an amazing tattoo there based on the song "Bilingual" for only 10 L.

Dollyrock offers the lovely Anita in red gown as a gift.
SF Design offers this nice v-neck sweater and shirt that comes in both male and female versions.  I paired it with the pants available today at So Many Styles for 50 L.
Last but not least, Pixel Passon offers the Starlight dress which has a nice shimmer texture.  I paired it with the gift necklace, Pebbles, from Apple May.

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