Monday, 15 March 2010

Elite Couture Designs Opening Gift

Adoringly following Sileny with clever post titles, I needed to take a break from Clothing Fair photos and tell you about the opening gift at Elite Couture Designs (hence the title).  Head on over there and pick up this posh little bed. It has nice cuddle and single poses but I my bear didn't seem to want to hop on the poseball so I had to pose by myself.  Poor, poor Eden.
Since it is St. Patrick's Day soon I needed to show you a few of my favorite items.  Blacklace has a delicious lingerie gift and Line just released new shoes and you can get the green version for free for only a few days.  They are prim footed and have a hud to adjust tint.  I need to work a bit on perfecting my shading but they were too sexy for me to not show because my eyes are toast from all the pictures I have been shooting lately.
Bed: Elite Couture Designs: Opening Gift
Lingerie: Blacklace: Hearts Temptation: Free (a bit of a trick to find.  When you go into the Blacklace section head right and you will see an opening for an adorable room with a St. Pat's forest theme.  The free set is in the back)
Shoes: Line: Osterhase - St. Patrick's Day: Free for a limited time.

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Maretch Waffle said...

Hi Eden! :) I love the green frame you used for your pictures.. could you please mind telling me where you got it from?

Is it like picnik or something? :D