Thursday, 11 March 2010

cherry cherry boom boom

this cherry bikini outfit, including mouth cherry, is free from Barbie B.I.T.C.H. as this month's group gift! go in and it's on the right. The circle earrings are free at the Accessory Fair, from SPICA. Still wearing Sileny's sort-of Asian skin for humpday, it's still out! available in her store for 69L :) I'm very happy because I've been dying to wear a skin by Sileny and still sort of feel like "me", and this skin really does it.

skin: Mango, Mango by Sileny Noel, humpday 69L skin!
hair: CriCri, new release at accessory fair, I love the color-change headband!
spiky silver bracelet with color-changing gems: *VANITAS* by ROZOREGALIA
gloves: Cheerno by Cheerno Destiny

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