Wednesday, 24 March 2010

AHH JETDOLL 1L SALE SCREAMS && Accessory Fair hunt gifts!

OKAYHI. JETDOLL is having a 1L retirement sale! Also, last few days to get the Accessory Fair hunt gifts before it ends!

ALL POSES: Theory by Prudence Skytower the awesome. Theory opens 27th March, geettt reaaaddyyy! 20L each (and probably affordable items too)

earrings: 10L from U&R Dogs at Accessory Fair, hunt cheapie!
apple tree pin: 20L (I think) hunt cheapie from Donna Flora at Accessory Fair, crazy detailed and worth it.
gloves with flashing lights: RFL charity item from Bliensen & Maitai at the Accessory Fair, get a unique fatpack of gloves and donate to charity!
Hot pink sheath: 1L omgomg loves from the Jetdoll retirement sale
hair: boon, worn with hairbase skin, not free
shoes: stiletto moody

necklace: 50L special from Alamood at Accessory Fair
earrings: Free, super detailed earrings from CentoPallini at Accessory Fair
gloves: Fishing item at Sn@tch, whole outfit free if you fish for it
dress and skirt, skirt can be worn separately and btw I shortened the skirt, 1L from JETDOLL
ST suitcase, comes with 6 handbag animations(that's crazy, now i want to buy all the shade throne bags), 350L from Shade Throne at the Accessory Fair (2 sizes, one suitcase rezzable with a pose)

apple tree pin: 20L (I think) hunt cheapie from Donna Flora at Accessory Fair, crazy detailed and worth it.
1L black lace scarf (and a white scarf too) from Haunted Zuzu at the Accessory Fair, 1L each, gift (check out their gorgeous silk scarves too, only 99L and colorchange flower)
gloves: see above
LV tights (i'm calling them that!) 1L at JETDOLL (omg LV tights! dies)
LV suitcase: (HA!) Shade Throne, 6 animations, 350L at Accessory Fair
Tshirt dress: generous freebie from Happy Finds, look in the middle of the store
earrings: Free, super detailed earrings, from CentoPallini at Accessory Fair

GUYSSS look at all the JETDOLL items isn't it wonderful. huge thank you to Kitty for the sale! Please, consider walking around and buying pretty things too! JETDOLL is not expensive at all, maybe less than 100L for a tatt, 200L for corsets in three sizes, two lucky boards and always, new releases in the MM board! I also took these pictures at the store, they have the coolest airport space and PINK AIRPLANE. Sale is to the left of the MM board!

There are a TON of gorgeous things at the Accessory Fair - now is a lag-free time to hunt. I suggest checking out every store and getting the hunt items, and of course checking out all the new designers! There are RFL items in most of the stores, so consider getting yourself something pretty and donating at the same time. Or just walk around and admire the build!

Something for everyone there, I'm really proud to be part of such an event. I'm an AF blogger and I've tried hard not to spam Free*Style with expensive items only, I genuinely would like you guys to see the hunt items, get some wonderful free goodies as well as hopefully like the designer's items enough to go back! Please tell me if I've sold my morals and I've been a spammy blogger haha. I heart you so much, free*stylers! I hope you're having a wonderful week :)

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