Tuesday, 9 February 2010

VD Yums

There are so many fantastic finds out there for Valentine's Day.  Here are a few wonderful lingerie pieces that you can pick up for a steal.
Blacklace: Sexy Little Valentines Gift: Free (there is a whole Valentine's section in Blacklace)
Pasties: Schadenfreude Cupid Pasties: I've had forever
Hair: BC322: Bird (not free)
Bliss Couture: Gift Wrap Bow Outfit: 1 L
Hair: Nushru: Wayward Heart: only 50 L @ the Valentine's Bazaar (you really need to check this out; it's fantastic!)
Clothes Horse: Pin Up Girl Valentine: 10 L for this color
Barbie Bitch: February Group Gift: fantastic little number that includes collar and lip chains
Hair: BC322: Bird No Cage: not free


Cmoney said...

I got a G.I. Joe doll here wants to play with your Barbie. Pull his cord and he talks.

Tesh said...

Eden -- what can I say? You are the very definition of smexeh. Work it gf *sssssssizzzle*