Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Valentine's Bazaar Part 1

There are so many awesome things at the Valentine's Bazaar I am going to have to do more than one post to adequately express my joy. There really is something for every style and since everything is 0L-50L...well...you can't go wrong. I am including some other awesome freebies unrelated to the bazaar as well so keep an eye out. On to the photos!Hair: Nushru, 50L
Corset: Nomine, 50L (comes with three wear options)
Undershirt and Pants: Adore & Abhor, 50L (from the Hobblegoblin outfit with tons of parts)
Elf Ears: Astraia, 50L
Skin: Mango, Mango!, not free
Boots: DV8, not free

Speaking of the DV8 boots, you need to go there now and get them. Even if you can't afford one of the full priced colors there are many free and discounted options. They have a soft suede look and I can see them used from sexy Valentine's lingerie looks to ye olde scurvy pirate. You need them.Boots: DV8, from left to right- lucky chair prize, group gift, picks rewards, not free. There are also two colors in the riot vend for a limited time and they get realllly cheap!Bear Uniform w/Hair-Hood and Slippers: El'n, 50L
Skin: Domestic-V, group gift

I love this group gift skin from Domestic-V. It deserves a silly close up!Mmm. Cheese. And look! I'm tough!Top and Bangles: Sn@tch, free
Cutest Jeans Ever: Whonose, 40L for TWO PAIRS of transferable jeans!
Skin: Pink Fuel, 50L
Hair: Lamb, not free

*Stores with no slurls listed are at the bazaar which you can find HERE.

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Tesh said...

Two words: BEAR SUIT!!