Thursday, 18 February 2010

Thibedeau Event!

There is a new event going on through the 22nd at the Thibedeau sim that is pretty cool! It's kind of like the CSR in a few ways, but different in others, so I shall explain.Basically you go around to various stores on the sim and buy items marked with a chocolate heart. You will then receive a chocolate heart with your items to wear. You MUST wear the heart on the sim! While wearing the heart you will get an option to get a random prize for yourself or you can also give the prize to someone physically near you. The prize is RANDOM. There are four packages possible, each with different items from vendors on the Thibedeau sim. I am only showing some of the items because there are a whole bunch and we only have so much space. But you can totally tell the vendors did a great job with the prizes!The shoes I am wearing are a free gift for group members from Rose River Saloon (A.K.A.- *RRS*). I loooove them! I had to show a couple angles since there is so much detail to be seen. Love!I was saving these shoes for a different blog post but decided to show them now anyway, lol. Also from *RRS* is this pair of lovely red shoes with dragons on them for only 1L! Woo! Another pair where you need to see them from multiple angles :) Check out the store for more amazing deals!
Dress: rbcg, Thibedeau event prize
Crown: Pink Fuel, Thibedeau event prize
Skin: Leafy, Thibedeau event prize
Bracelet: Butt-Err Thibedeau event prize
Hippo Tiny Avs: Red Lemon, Thibedeau event prize
Hair: I Love Olive, new release (not free)
Shoes: *RRS*, group gift and 1L
Eyes: BodyLine, not free (but the eyes are great!)