Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Likka, Angel, and New Library Stuff!

I love item camps in general but Likka House always brings the good ones. The latest 20 minute camp is for the pink Alice dress! It's great for an updated Alice costume, for froofy tea parties, or if you're just a part of the plain old child av circus like us *cough*.The shoes I am wearing are a dollarbie from Angel Alphaville, a new store. There are also other freebies including a pair of gold shoes and a red/black pair on the MM board.I also want to make note of the skin and hair I am wearing. They are some of the new library items everyone has in their inventory. Renee from FabFree Imd me like Dude check out your library folder!! And there was newness! There are tons of outfits for men and women, including skins, hair, shoes, clothes, and the brand spanking new accessories folder. Just scroll down to the bottom of you inventory, open the Library folder, and find the items in the clothing folder amidst the oldies. Some folks said they didn't have it in there yet so be patient maybe it is taking some time or something.Oh, and yes, those ARE hair styles by Adam N Eve and Truth!

Dress: Likka House, 20 minute item camp
Shoes: Angel Alphaville, 1L
Skins and Hair: New default newbie gear in library folder
Pose: Torridwear, not free