Wednesday, 17 February 2010

GANKED 50% off opening sale!

Sileny has allowed me to be vain and share my favorite piece of jewellery from the Ganked 50% off opening sale with you! The sale ends Thursday. more of my vainpot pictures of my pretty jewellery here.

I first knew of Ganked when Sileny blogged and plurked her free items- I loved the MISTRESS bracelet set so much that I bought more of her jewellery. The MISTRESS and POSH freebies will be removed this weekend and a new free item will be released, so please get those if you haven't already. Congratulations to Misti Merryman on her new mainstore!

striped leotard from Cheap Makeup
favorite hair, 1L from W&Y for Peppermint Blue (The 11 free hairs will be removed in March, so you should get all those 1L hairs if you haven't already!)


Evangeline Eames said...

This jewellery is truly amazing. I couldn't believe the freebies they are giving out. I am soooo going to get some other pieces at the sale. Thanks for the heads up!

Suri Christen said...

me as well! I love diamonds!!