Tuesday, 16 February 2010

新 年 快 乐, 万 事 如 意, 恭 喜 发 财!

I love cheongsams :)

wishing all a wonderful and prosperous chinese new year!

hair: W&Y for Peppermint Blue, 1L, includes white hair flower!
cheongsam: Feel China group gift
gloves: free from sf designs, thank you swaffette Firefly :) a great, tintable pair of gloves to match any formal outfit. be sure to check out sf designs' other affordable items especially the coats!
rings stack: alamood, not free, from SL Daily Deals

hair: W&Y for Peppermint Blue, 1L
cheongsam: Lika Ruby group gift, comes in short and long versions
hair flower: 20L from Lika Ruby gacha, super detailed!
gloves: free from sf designs, tintable

hair: Exile, free at the door
hair accessory: A.M.K.R, really detailed flower with lace and feathers and spider web! Thanks to chiobu Aiko Pinelli for showing me!!
cheongsam: Lika Ruby opening gift, comes with long version

hair: W&Y opening sim dollarbie, in gift box, 1L. There is also a super detailed black knit hat for 1L, in the box on top of the lucky board!
outfit: bareback top! Feel China group gift

hair: W&Y opening sim limited edition lucky board hair! WOO I won!!!
cheongsam: Feel China, 1L, gown versions included

*all poses from [doll.] by suri christen!


Cmoney said...


Alba said...

Where is that gorgeous skin you're wearnig from? ^^

silver milneaux said...

ahhaha cmoney.

alba, it's lelutka estelle :)

Alba said...

looks wonderful on you :D

Professional said...

help i can't find the 1l hair!