Friday, 29 January 2010

Oo La La

Dany French Touch has two new dollarbie outfits available.  I only recently go the notice for them, however, the item is called a January gift so you might want to pick these up soon.  I absolutely love the tartish, can can look of the women's outfit and the men's outfit includes a very nicely done jacket.  Excuse the lame shots -- I had a simply awful time with lighting last night in local shots and none of my customs seemed to help.  Trust me; they are great outfits.

Dress: Dany French Touch: January Gift: 1 L
Shoes: The Laughing Academy: Jeweled Venetian Lace Boot: not free
Hair: Truth: Ann: not free
Skin: Cupcakes: Embrace: Spring Limited Edition: not free
Outfit: Dany French Touch: January Gift: 1 L
Shoes: Anexx: Lace Up Boots Brown: not free
Hair: Muism: Dani Brown: not free
Skin: The Abyss: Scorpio - Orion: not free


Sileny said...

Cmoney FTW!!!!!!!

Suri Christen said...

He's definately a hottie, one that makes you go "grrrrr" and bite your lip

silver milneaux said...

WOOOOOH sexy! i really like cmoney's look and eden your lighting looks fine! :D lovess this post.

Eden Knoller said...

I think I have to agree about the hotness factor <3

Tesh said...

Eden + C-Money = F*S hawtiness

Cmoney said...

Oooh, thank you, ladies. I am your fan, you know. And, Eden, can I have your prim babies, please.

Creamy Cooljoke said...

drools over CMoney