Wednesday, 20 January 2010

losing empires of illusion

on Jokwon:
amazing endlix wizard skin, free from lucky board. question marks do happen.
denim shirt: the most crazy detailed gift shirt ever- 1L from Gabriel. Alan told me about these :) He told me about the Lelutka shades, too!
anchor necklace: Yabusaka fishing prize
mohawk: was hair fair gift from Black Maria
CheerNo Brilliant gloves in gold, not free

on Jokwon: (picture dedicated to Ashia lol)
grunge cropped tank: Missing Mile welcome pack! (near landing spot)
ripped jeans: Exile gift
Strapped boots: Rock Candy, freee

not free
Reek Batman belt, not free but changes to 16 different options!
Tatt: Huz Tatts, 300L, comes in 9 different layers, arms only, with/without hazard signs. very much in love with this tatt!
Redgrave biker gloves
Hair from MADesigns, not free

on Jokwon and Xing
first skin: Shy Boy skin from endlix lucky board
hairs: Both fatpacks of hair free from Exile! I think there are like 20 different shades in each fatpack. Exile hair textures are looove, I'm in love with the Exile hairs I bought.
Shades: left, Lelutka group gift in notices! LOVE THESE! (group join here) fatpack, shades come in red and black, with and without gems. group is free to join. right: Redgrave free gift! So nice. (surl to redgrave for second shades)
shirts: Gabriel gifts, left is 1L, right is free! amazing work.

on Jokwon:
Here are some treasures from M&MM! Many thanks(like a million thanks!!) to the Lucky Chair Stalkers group who helped slap the MM when it was 19/30, otherwise I would have never ever ever have got the hats. The hats are transfer so you can slap the board and give the hats to a guy friend if you don't like them! But they're wide-brimmed and unisex.

The fatpack of hats and the fatpack of sheer shirts(AshleePSU Snoodle tped me for these woot!) are two previous items in the MM board, and the monocle(texture change to many colors!) is a 30min camping item. Currently the item in the MM board is not the hats any more, so you should check back another day! The fatpacks of those items are on sale for 99L on the right of the entrance though.

The skin is another of the endlix lucky board skins! called shy boy, haha.
Boots are free from Rock Candy.

All of the guys' poses are part of a new release from Dismorph. An excellent addition to anyone's collection because I've found that all of the poses display outfits perfectly for me. just 280L for 10 poses, 35L for single poses. hope plastic swords makes more male poses haha!

Photographs were taken on the Missing Mile rp sim.

I'm intensely frustrated because I've had a terrible SL day where I crashed
repeatedly, shit wouldn't load and I didn't manage to finish the photos I wanted to, which were all supposed to be done by like, now. and I'll be away tomorrow. sigh. and I'm stressed because I can't sleep because I keep thinking the freebies are gonna disappear before I manage to post them ahaha. that is just sad. SO HERE WE GO.


Ashia Tomsen said...

woohoo, nearly nekkid bois FTW!

Creamy Cooljoke said...

I totally love these dudes, can I have one? :D

Suri Christen said...

That's hot

Doris said...

I've read this post thru, and must just totally be missing where the sheer shirts are from...any help out there?

Ashlee said...

Silver, you totally added a random D to my name, lol.

silver milneaux said...

hi doris! here's the direct surl to the sheer shirts at M&MM, the fatpack of colors is 99L on sale and it's transfer :) oh crrappp i forgot to put the surl in the post :( :(

ilu you girls <33 and lolol ashia i forgot you said naked hahhah but i don't have a... you know, i only have freenis D: and oh shit ashlee i spelled your name wrongly omgggg