Monday, 21 December 2009

Veschi Goodness

I've been a huge fan of Alla Ruff's store Veschi since I first discovered it through my friend Amelia Villota - (seems like a looong time ago, where the heck are you these days?).  

Well Alla left a comment in our box today (look down there). She has a new subscribo and check out these fantastic goodies she has given to the group, TP to the Veschi store, touch the subscribo to join and then touch it again choose History, Option 1

I have always loved her quirky, bright coloured, hand drawn clothes - you must check out her store if you haven't been before.  She's really spoiled us with lovely clothes, lookee...




Veschi Subscribomatic group gifts

No Strings Attached Jacket - Green 
Bourgewhat? 2 Tone Jacket Pink/Purple
1980something Shorts and Skirt Khaki with ruffles
Beast Friends Forever Green/Gold Leggings
Partially Parallel Turquoise/Blue Leggings
Warm shiny Tights Snowed In

Also worn:
J's Laceup Short Boots  [LADY's] (group gift)
[the oBscene] SHANA ~ Xmas ~ tone1 (group gift)
[ Love Soul ] Hair*Smily Hair Clip-Pink*Blonde (Zombie hunt gift)

Not free
Veschi Shiny Warm Tights green (50L)
Indie *IR* Red Jungle Bra
DUBOO*Kinky glasses (chin)


Allagator! said...

omg where the hell is Amelia?!!!!

Tesh said...

Hey, that sexy schoolteacher glasses thing is workin'! ;o)

Thank you so much for the blogroll add *smooches Creamy*


Creamy Cooljoke said...

Hi Alla :)

Amelia had a baby, and I saw her once or twice online after that but I guess she's too busy now - I miss her :(

Creamy Cooljoke said...

Thanks Tesh, I remembered at last - I get there eventually :)

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