Thursday, 17 December 2009

'tis this season to get sick

- & still look good. Happy Holidays everyone!

I have 2½ looks for you, shown above was a gift from Arua, no specified name just ***Aura***Christmas Gift. At 1st i wasn't to fond of the it, i felt that it was too 'fluffy' but then after a while i eventually got over it. it actually made me feel a bit warm. Along with the outfit, i threw on this really awesome top hat named 'fancy christmas tophat' by Real Love 2(funny name ain't it?) what i also found cute about it was the little note on the side that says "Santa bring me stuff. I am a good person. kthxbai" lol. & Santa, i have been a good person.. i hope? (both items were purchased on xstreet) Continuing on, spot my nails! I love this, & i LOVE nails! Mstyle is always coming up with something so creative. I'm addicted. These bad boys are long w/ a ribboned bow - sweet candy cane making me wanna take a lick. don't be surprised it you find my avi sticking her hands in her mouth xD. they're a linden (ONLY THESE). i THINK they will be available for a short time so get them soon. I'm also sporting Ma*yo - tomoni hair in red (also on xstreet), Step ahead xmas booties, & GP Elf group gift skin (also both recently blogged.) note: you can get a better look of the items at the end of this post.

these two outfits were made by one of my best friends, Bangin' Body Designz. all items very grown & sexy. if you're conservative on a game, you will still find something that suits you. These two elf outfits are available on xstreet for zero lindens. someone once commented on one of my old postings on where i got my high waisted pants were from (sorry i never got back at you btw) its from here! I paired up these outfits with other gifts i can just swear magically appear in my inventory - I've been gone so long T_T - in the red jumper: clog looking heels are by Battle Fairy a Vain Inc group gift. they re so cute they have a candy cane, & mislte toes on them. they also include matching Santa hat with same design. green jumper: PeppermintBlue subscriber gift!! these skippys are green plaided, with red laces that have little bells that hang from them. LeLutka la femme skin - Estelle was free about two days ago not sure if still is but i HEARD that they are having free items for male & female avatars daily due to 1yr anniversary but that is always full so take good luck with you getting in. The posing bench is by our Suri & is available for five lindens at her store S.Loves. Lastly, these ADORABLE antlers & blinking nose from Magenta co. (purchased on xstreet) the antlers are sculpted beauties i think. & the nose can be turned on/off by a touch.. & that's all i think, sorry if i bore you guys to death. i hope some of you enjoyed this. lol move along.

Last looks of the 1st look -


Suri Christen said...

You're Hawt and I love you! <3

Inara Marquette said...

OMG That hat is too cute? Real Love is so talented. She should make moar cute stuffs! <3 Great outfit!!!

J.Dikes said...

Thanks Surii ilyt <33 :]

& lol yeah that hat is really awesome! tahnkss :> <3

Creamy Cooljoke said...

YAY! I'm so happy to see you posting again too, so cute!