Monday, 7 December 2009

Santa Claus is Comin' to Town

Santa Claus, a lengendary figure in many western cultures who brings gifts to *good* children in this holiday season. He is also known as Father Christmas & Kris Kringle.

I haven't seen Santa since last year, and I have been a very very good girl!! I got a call from him telling me him & Mrs. Claus are staying at an undisclosed location to prepare some gifts for my neighbouring area, I asked if I could go up and meet them both - plus get a sneak preview of my holiday gifts *giggles*!

My date with Santa

Santa: "Ho Ho Ho! Suri! Long time no see! Welcome to my temporary winter wonderland warehouse. Mrs Claus is waiting for you inside with some cookies."

Suri: "Hey Santa!!! *hugs him tight* Ooh, yay, cookies! Are they cinnamon and raisin cookies hold raisin ones? Cuz Mrs. Claus makes the most delicious cinnamon cookies in the whole wide world!"

Santa: "Er...a cookie is a cookie to me. But, ho ho ho, come on in!"

My date with Santa

Santa: "Goody (short for "goodwife"), look who I brought home with me!"

Mrs. Claus: "*Peeps* Dear Suri! What a pleasant to see you again! I hope you have a new stocking this year!"

Last year for Christmas, Mrs. Claus begged Santa to let her descend my chimney to fix my tattered stocking so she can fill it with gifts. I heard noises and caught her fixing my stocking. Mrs. Claus gave me a hug and simply said: "Shhh..." before climbed back up the chimney with a smile. I know they travel everywhere to deliver gifts, but come on, how many will put their tattered stocking (not on purpose, of course) for Santa?!

Suri: "Mrs. Claus!! Aww...look at you, you look exhausted! Santa working you too hard?"

Mrs. Claus: "No, it's making you those cookies."

. . . .

Mrs. Claus: "I'm only pulling your knickers, dear, don't be so serious, ha ha ha."

Suri: "hehe."

We sat in front of the fireplace, ate cookie and talked. I look out to the window and all is beautifully snowy white. The Christmas lights are put on the trees and all the Santa's helpers were jolly, singing "Santa Claus is Comin' to Town" as they packed the gifts for us.

I can't wait to ask about mine!

My date with Santa

After we finished, Santa & I went outside to his grotto so he can listen to my wishlist sitting on his knee (after all, this is the traditional way of wishing, right?)

My date with Santa

Suri: " it true that you got all my letters?"

Santa: "Yes Suri dear, but may I say I think you wished for waay too many gifts. You haven't been THAT good this year, ho ho ho!"

Suri *pouts* and say nothing.

Santa: "Never fret, my dear. There's still time to make up for it."

My date with Santa

After my day with Santa & Mrs. Claus, it's time to go home and be a good girl before Santa comes with his gifts. I jump on the horse and let it take me home. Oh, wait, it's a musical carousel that only goes round and round.

Suri: "Bye Santa!"

But he's already like a dot to my eyes as he went back to eat up the rest of the cookies.

I guess I'll have to take a bus home.

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See also Silver's post: Beautiful Free Boots from Deviance. They are in my favorite color! <3

Suri, xoxo

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