Sunday, 6 December 2009

Not Just For Christmas

I found two very cute dresses that are labeled as 'holiday' dresses but you could definitely wear either of them year round. I'm all about the minidresses and boots look.


This sexy silver dress comes with a long version of the skirt and is a S & G Hunt gift at Brickhouse Designs


This dress is also from Brickhouse Designs and is part of the SLH Hunt. Find both dresses under the tree near the door. Oh and both of these photos were taken at HMPD. If you haven't been there recently you have to go check it out. A great place to take some wintery holiday photos AND cute bunnies everywhere!

Photo One Style Notes
Samantha Hair (not free) from Truth
Silver and Gold Dress Hunt Gift from Brickhouse Designs
Angelina Boots (not free) from EVA Footwear

Photo Two Style Notes
NMR32 Hair (past freebie) from Boon
Christmas Dress Hunt Gift from Brickhouse Designs
Skyhigh Boots (not free...I wish!)from Stiletto Moody

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Suri Christen said...

Evangeline, you are crazy, girlie. You wait til christmas!!! You know what I am talking about!