Friday, 11 December 2009

lucky chairs hate me

Hair with hat: REDLIC lucky board, this took a looong time to win! I love this hair.
Purple hoodie with bikini (I just bought something like this in real life woot!) is a 15 minute group camp item at Mauloa.
Sculpted waist hoodie: Lucky board at Mauloa. You know how boards have personalities and favorites? This board likes 0-9, Js and X, Ys and Zs. But it's pretty fair and the 5 boards flip fast.
Mouton boots: Xmas gift from ordinary design (I saw this on the feed, blogged here! Thanks for sharing it, Eggstar! :D)

Hat: Izumiya, free in the freebie room upstairs
Hair: Raspberry Aristocrat in chai, old freebie, still available instore (You might have it in your inventory from Hair Fair freebies)
Ribbon chain body necklace: Fairy tail group gift
Leopard shirt: Lucky board, OMG I looove Mauloa. I won this finally! You can buy it for around 100L.
Sculpted black long tee: I love wearing these. Group gift from Mauloa.
Bangle: Fairy tail group gift, changes metal and jewel colors! So pretty.
Mouton boots: Xmas gift from ordinary design, woooh I love these boots, I wore the gray and brown ones all the time when winter first started!

Hair+hat: Gift from REDLIC.
Pink striped hoodie including muffler and fur cuffs!!! Lucky board at Cherry Girl (The board likes Xs and Ss and Ts and Js.)
Vintage skirt in salmon: Free from This Is a Fawn, click box on a chair next to the Artist's series tees vendor. Thanks, Barb, this skirt is beautiful.
Shoes: Dead Dolls of SL group gift from A-Bomb! Check notices. (Click this link to join the group.)Lovely glossy shoes.

Hair: Cherry Girl lucky board, includes earmuffs!
Scarf/stole with necklace: One item together, 1L group gift from Find Ash. Worth the 1L. **edit: Link was wrong, fixed thanks to Dream! :)
White sweater(I pulled the prim down to wear it as a dress): Honey, free gift
Ribbon stockings: Part of Honey gift outfit
Shoes: Omg, Xmas gift from Step Ahead.

Hair: Lucky board from Mauloa, you can also camp for some hair if you like their hair.
Xmas outfit with fur cuffs: Lucky board from Mauloa

Hair: Ay.Line
Earrings: 125L from fairy tail, new release! Incredibly detailed.
Sweater with dress, group gift from Mauloa
Bangle: fairy tail group gift

Hair: Raspberry Aristocrat, free
Ribbon necklace: fairy tail group gift
bangle: fairy tail group gift

Hair with earmuffs: Cherry Girl lucky board
Bon bons necklace: group gift from Fairy tail
Babydoll top: Honey, free

Hair: Ay.Line opening gift (can you tell this is my favorite hair?)
Plaid dress: Honey, free

Hair: Cherry Girl lucky board
lace ribbon collar: Fairy tail group gift
B&W plaid babydoll: Honey, free

Hair: Both from REDLIC lucky boards. I'm so lucky, heh. The cream hat is especially nice, right!
DCNY sweaters: One is a subscribo gift (check history) and the green one is free in the Candy Cane hunt. Not hard to find.

Hair: Ay.Line group gift
DCNY swing coats: Left is a fall gift, buy for 1L and right is a gift in the Happy Holidays hunt. Not that hard. Okay fine, a bit hard. *cough* look around the counter. Both come with berets, not shown.
Red cutout tights: Milk Motion subscribo, joining gift

Here are the Step Ahead xmas gift shoes, right out of the box. They are so pretty. Step Ahead shoes retail for 1500L, so this is a great chance to try out their shoes and see how the hud works. The hud is pretty fantastic. Well designed, easy to use, the nails have diamonds on them and you can have toe-rings too. You can change your nails all the colors of the rainbow, too! Step Ahead also has some sculpted feet that I'm eyeing heh, I need to grab demos. Don't miss out on this Xmas gift - I don't usually fall in love completely with gift shoes, but oh boy, these toes have diamonds on them! Really realistic work.


Dream said...

For the Find ASH neck scarf, the SLurl lands in Free Speerit. Did you mean Free Speerit or Find ASH?

silver milneaux said...

Sorry Dream, I posted the wrong surl! It should be this: I'll fix it now, thanks so so much! :)

Suri Christen said...

Silver got boobies!

Anonymous said...

Near the NULL store (walk up one stair) they have a nice MM board with cool 6 prim Christmas trees :) They are pretty cute for Christmas...

silver milneaux said...

I always get really nervous when I see comments haha because I keep thinking its something bad. haha Suriii <3 yea I went and bought a cleavage layer so I could post lingerie heh, yay for breasts(finally!)! :D ooh cool skandal, I wanna go check that out. thanks for the tip! :)