Tuesday, 8 December 2009

In The Red

I've found some fantastic red freebies that can work during and after the holidays, AND the most amazing 10 LINDEN red snowflake chair that I have been dying to share with you!


This fantastic red dress comes in two versions, a solid red and a white and red print. The LP2 Xmas chair is shown beside me. It has two sits, is copy, and is a steal for 10 lindens. They are a great addition to your holiday decor


I love the back of this dress with the laced belt.


The second version of this dress has a fitted red skirt and this red and white top. The display of holiday gifts, stars, and stocking is a freebie from MB Creationz.


This ultra chic red dress is free from Riviera Couture. I've paired it up with an awesome handbag from Indyra, also free.


This hobo bag is over 200 prims and sooo detailed. It's amazing

Photos 1 - 3 Style Notes
Dream Girl Dress Red or Dead Hunt Gift free from Drop Dead Diva
Red Verve Pumps (not free) from Maitreya
LP2 Red Snowflake Holiday Chair 10 Lindens!! from LP2
Holiday Moments Stocking Grouping, Red or Dead Hunt Gift free from MB Creationz
Trisha Hair (not free) from Truth

Photos 4 & 5 Style Notes
RC Red Passion Red or Dead Hunt Gift free from Riviera Couture
Hobo Bag Red or Dead Hunt Gift free from Indyra Originals
Maya Hair (not free) from Magika
Josephine Heels (past hunt gift) from Indyra Originals


Sileny said...

:O Pretty chair!!!!

Evangeline Eames said...

I loves it! I can't shut up about it....someone might have to taze me :P