Wednesday, 9 December 2009

gift hairs, white sweater dress, tights and poses!

Sweater dresses: Picks reward from E! Apparel, free. Same sweater in Gray, was DSN gift, buy for 80L.
Hairs: Ay.Line opening gifts and December group gift hair
Note: The three gifts can be found at the Ay.Line mainstore and the last hair (the hair under the knit hat) can be found here at the Ay.Line satellite store.

Suitcase: Izumiya gacha, 20L per play
Tights: Royal Blue free gift, still available
Navy flats: Izumiya opening gift
Sculpted socks: Mischief update group gift for November, check history. was blogged by Mijn!
Brown vest: Pig, 50L Friday item
Belt, Kunstkammer, 50L Friday item

Hello! I kind of mentioned to Eclectic Wingtips that I wished that her turtleneck sweater dress came in white, because I thought her sweater dress was the most pocket-friendly in SL with pretty textures! Then she shocked me by making a white version, AND deciding to put it in her picks rewards board! The sweater is mod, so if you are very sneaky you could try tinting it a whole fatpack of colors. Other colors are just 80L anyway :) I'm pretty curious if I'm the only one obsessed with sweater dresses haha, I've worn this one for a few days and I just change the gloves/hat/leggings when I'm bored. The picks reward is the white turtleneck sweater dress and a white turtleneck sweater, so it's unisex! Thanks so much, Eclectic :D

So if you like sweater dresses, you can go to E! Apparel, add it to your picks, and come back the next day to click the board for your free sweater dress and sweater!

The suitcases are from Izumiya's 20L suitcase gacha, I did my usual crazy obsessed gacha thing and ended up with umm 15 suitcases. I am very sad, I just really want the medium sized one in black or brown! someone trade with me haha :( Next to the suitcase gacha at the counter, there's also some opening gift ballet flats in navy. The socks are so cool, Mijn blogged them and when I went to get them, I realized they come in a giant huge amazing fatpack. I looove the colors. They are still available at Mischief, so please hurry to get them if you haven't! Thanks Mijn!

Knit hats: Kao gacha, 30L
Mufflers: Anuenue mufbon gacha, 30L, orange color is the group gift, still available
Black&white scarf/stole near the bottom: Tazzmania, only 30L! not a gacha, whole lot of colors to choose from!
Suitcases: Izumiya gacha, 20L
Hairs: Ay.Line opening gifts! (refer to above)

Speaking of trading, I also played the Kao knit hat gacha, 30L, and as usual I didn't get the ones I wanted. Then there was a guy in front of me and I saw him trying on the hat I really wanted, so I said in local chat omgg you got the hat I wanted and he was like 10000L. then I was all :(((((( and he actually really did trade with me in the end! he said "its near xmas so i m nice" :D The hats are just wonderful and the pom-pom on top changes two colors!

Gift hairs- Ay.Line has four gift hairs, for the first one, the red hair scrunchie changes a bunch of colors to match any outfit. The last Ay.Line gift hair I'm wearing under the Kao knit hats because I find it really hard to find hairs that fit nicely under hats, so it was really useful! All the hairs come in fatpacks of colors, I'm just showing the black/brunette tones here.

Anuenue mufbon gacha, 30L - Everyone probably has these by now, but just a reminder that the orange one was a halloween gift and is still available!

Scarf: Fairy tail gacha scarf (6 colors!) surl to machine in store
Tights fatpack: Royal Blue
Poses: New group gift from Izumiya

Royal Blue's line to the crown leggings, beautifully shaded and in neon/monochrome colors, old free gift at Royal Blue. Also, this pack of poses are a new group gift from Izumiya. Izumiya actually has a ton of free pose packs and other free items, check the freebie room on the second floor!

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